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AI-Powered Inbound Marketing & Paid Acquisition & CRO | Digitalhealth

AI-Powered Conversion Rate Optimization   When we were designing the client’s landing pages we made sure to have a conversion-centric approach. We had to carefully craft and refine every single element of each landing page based on: Mobile Optimization UX Google Analytics Data Heat Maps Analytics Funnel Data Analytics Multivariate Testing Polls and Feedback Technical […]

AI-Powered Pay-Per-Performance Marketing | Cybercloud

AI-Powered Pay-Per-Performance Marketing Marketing Challenge: This client’s biggest challenge was bringing in highly relevant business leads from digital initiatives and getting them to convert online. Their business was heavily influenced by referrals and some off-line initiatives. However, it wasn’t predictable enough for them to sustain and grow their business quarterly. This is when Algocentric Digital […]

AI-Powered Inbound Marketing & SEM Case Study | DigitalBrain

AI-Powered Search Engine Marketing   Marketing Challenge: Significant decrease in the number of inbound leads from paid and organic search channels. The DigitalBrain marketing team was looking to boost their performance from SEM and discover new potential opportunities to increase leads organically.   Marketing Solution: Algocentric Digital designed a comprehensive digital program using AI-Powered search […]

AI-Powered Search Engine Marketing Case Study | TheHub

Strategic AI-Powered Search Engine Marketing   Marketing Challenge: The main marketing challenge TheHub was facing was a lack of relevant traffic across the board on both Bing and Google search engines. The majority of their traffic was coming through a few social channels which were very well optimized. The client’s direct and social traffic channels […]

AI-Powered Paid Social Case Study | TopLead

AI-Powered Pay-Per-Performance Marketing   Marketing Challenge: Toplead was looking for omnichannel marketing solutions that could increase high-quality marketing qualified leads in their sales pipeline. Their presence on social, organic and referral channels was strong while they felt they needed to scale their offer to a bigger audience driving up the demo bookings. Algocentric Digital offered […]

AI-Powered SEM and Content Marketing Case Study | Codify

AI-Powered SEM & Content Marketing Strategy   Marketing Challenge: Lack of highly targeted qualified inbound leads from paid and organic search channels. The Codify marketing team was looking to accelerate their SEM program to increase leads from paid marketing channels through Bing and Google Ads. In addition to that, increasing organic visibility was the second […]

Use These 9 Criteria to Hire the Top Enterprise PPC Management Service Providers

We know how overwhelmed you might be feeling right about now… You’re probably sitting at your desk, well-caffeinated and likely wondering: “What do I need to know when it comes to hiring enterprise-level PPC management services”? After all, PPC marketing has gotten more expensive and complicated year after year… How do I find the best […]

Why Professional PPC Management Will Get You Better ROI

Why Professional PPC Management Can Get You Better ROI Website traffic rules the online marketing world. And there are two main approaches available for marketers to generate this traffic for their sites: Search engine optimization (SEO) Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also referred to as Search Engine Marketing, SEM. Ideally you should utilize both methods to get […]

14 Tips for Hiring a Search Engine Marketing Firm That Rocks

14 Tips for Hiring a Search Engine Marketing Firm That Rocks Hiring the right search engine marketing firm can become one of the keys to your business’ success. However, dealing with a bad one has a big chance of fast-tracking your downfall. In order to succeed, you must find an agency with creative and talented […]